Add Navigation Between Manufacturers in Prestashop

Do you have manufacturer module active in your prestashop online store ? If your answer is yes, then you may wondering how to add "Next" and "Prev" buttons in the manufacturer page to navigate between them ?
Is there a simple way or have to override module prestashop especially the manufacturer class in order to have "Next" and "Prev" buttons.

add next and previous button on manufacturer pages in prestashop

To achieve this override ManufacturerController.php file putting it in overrides/controller/front/
and put that code in :

class ManufacturerController extends ManufacturerControllerCore
    protected function assignOne()
        $data = Manufacturer::getManufacturers(false, $this->context->language->id, true, false, false, false);
        $this->manufacturer->description = Tools::nl2br(trim($this->manufacturer->description));
        $nbProducts = $this->manufacturer->getProducts($this->manufacturer->id, null, null, null, $this->orderBy, $this->orderWay, true);

        $products = $this->manufacturer->getProducts($this->manufacturer->id, $this->context->language->id, (int)$this->p, (int)$this->n, $this->orderBy, $this->orderWay);
        $prev = false;
        $next = false;
        for ($i=0; $i<count($data); $i++){
            if ($this->manufacturer->id == $data[$i]['id_manufacturer']){
                if ($i > 0) $prev = $data[$i-1];
                if ($i < count($data)-1) $next = $data[$i+1];
            'prev' => $prev,
            'next' => $next,           
            'nb_products' => $nbProducts,
            'products' => $products,
            'path' => ($this->manufacturer->active ? Tools::safeOutput($this->manufacturer->name) : ''),
            'manufacturer' => $this->manufacturer,
            'comparator_max_item' => Configuration::get('PS_COMPARATOR_MAX_ITEM'),
            'body_classes' => array($this->php_self.'-'.$this->manufacturer->id, $this->php_self.'-'.$this->manufacturer->link_rewrite)


Then in your manufacturer.tpl you can use {$next} and {$prev}. Don't forget to backup your files first.