How to remove reorder button from theme in Prestashop

How to remove reorder button from theme file when customer view order history

Is there any way to remove the reorder button when customer view at Order History webpage ? Preferably to remove from default Prestashop theme file. I search through the web and forum but could not find information related to this.


This is for 1.4.3, the line number may be different for other versions.
Make a copy, then change /themes/prestashop/history.tpl to remove lines 75-77 inclusive.

getPageLink('order-opc.php', true)}{else}{$link->getPageLink('order.php', true)}{/if}?submitReorder&id;_order={$order.id_order|intval}" title="{l s='Reorder'}">
You will also need to comment a line of code at "yourtheme/order-detail.tpl" in 1.4.6.* or els it will show up if you click on details page.
<!-- <input type="submit" value="{l s='Reorder'}" name="submitReorder" class="button exclusive" style="float:right"/> -->