How To Fix CRITICAL SSL BUG in Prestashop 1.4.7


Running the cart with SSL. After adding an item to the cart and then going to the cart any try to delete the item I get the error:

TECHNICAL ERROR: Unable to save update quantity
Error thrown: [object XMLHttpRequest]
Text status: error

If turn SSL off then it will delete the item in cart OK


Edit /classes/FrontController.php line #87 (normally, you do not want to change any class file directly, but this is an exception as this will likely be fixed in very soon).

Remove the following code :

else if (Configuration::get('PS_SSL_ENABLED') AND Tools::usingSecureMode() AND !($this->ssl))
header('HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently');
header('Location: '.Tools::getShopDomain(true).$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);