Prestashop Slow How to Check and Fix

There are many things you can do to improve the performance of your PrestaShop website. Yahoo and Google have both created general website performance guidelines here and here. There are also tools available that rate the performance of your website including Yahoo YSlow! and Google Page Speed. PrestaShop automatically handles most of these performance guidelines for you. This performance guide describes how to implement the guidelines on your PrestaShop website that require action on your part.

Rocky (the US prestashop Moderator) have created a nice page for this. You could check how to improve prestashop performance at his website here

The page covered eight topic for prestashop performance.

  1. Enable GZIP Compression and Browser Caching
  2. Combine, Compress and Cache CSS and JavaScript
  3. Enable Smarty Template and File Caching
  4. Optimise Images and use CSS Sprites
  5. Serve Static Content from a Cookieless Domain
  6. Reduce Cookie Size
  7. Use a Content Delivery Network
  8. Divide Product Images into Subdirectories