How to Embedded Youtube on Prestashop Products Description

As an ecommerce prestashop powered site owner, perhaps you want to show description about products that you sell in video. The purpose is to show better and detailed description about the products.

Good products description make your visitor to decide wether he/she will buying your products or not. Another great way to enchant your products description section is by adding images and or video that can help visitors knew your products more.

So, now you want to have video in your products description section. You have try to add script that you copied from youtube and paste it on your site but then something happen.
The description field (English (United States)) is invalid.
For English (United States) is optional depending on what language your site have. How to overcome the error above and successfully embedded youtube video on product description section ?

There is a simple way to embedded youtube video on prestashop, prestashop have capability to display iframe on it. All you have to do is just enable it on your prestashop store. To enable iframe capability on prestashop as follow :

1. On your prestashop backoffice, go to preferences > general
2. search for this
3. Choose "Yes" and the press save button at the bottom of the page.

After you enable it, try to embedded your youtube video script again now. I hope this will help you as this help me.