Only One Voucher Can be Use Per Order

Voucher codes have rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years. There have been a raft of sites launched to allow people to share codes and it seems that many e-commerce sites are offering them as part of their digital strategy.

Here is a list of reasons why you prestashop store must use voucher to increase sales :
  1. They're popular
  2. They're easy to promote
  3. They're easy to share
  4. They're incredibly flexible
  5. They're easily tracked
  6. They're easy to split test
  7. They're great for increasing average order value
Voucher is great to attract new customer and give something back for your old loyal customer. But, the problem is arise when you create multiple vouchers and your customer could use more than one vouchers in the same time.

So, how to prevent your customer use more than one voucher in the same time ? Here is how :
1. Go to: Admin panel/Price Rules/Cart Rules
2. Edit voucher > go to Conditions (menu on the right)
3. Check Compatibility with other cart rules
4. All vouchers > Remove from Combinable cart rules to Uncombinable cart rules
5. From now customer can't use more than one voucher per order.