PrestaShop Popup Notification Module

PrestaShop Popup Notification Module- Quoted from loginradius, Ever heard of “Password Fatigue?” You might be suffering from it but had no idea it had a name. In fact, it’s the single most important reason that makes a strong case for Social Login.

The “condition” (don’t go checking WebMD) manifests itself amongst consumers who grow tired of coming up with different username and password combinations for logging into websites. The immediate result is that consumers leave said website, because they forgot, misplaced, or don’t care to retrieve their username and/or password.

To compound on this horrifying condition, users often end up (as a last resort) offering false/incomplete information while registering for any given website, which means they are targeted by ads that aren’t meant for them. Password Fatigue doesn’t just spoil web experiences for users, but also becomes a nightmare for marketers and digital specialists.

social login on prestashop

Social Login to the rescue! But in all seriousness, website visitors are looking for a really simple and convenient way for logging into sites, and what better way than using their existing social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn for this purpose. By making the creation of user identities simpler and fast, websites can boost conversions by improving their User Experience (UX). In fact, there’s a good chance that your target consumers prefer using Social Login as opposed to creating an all new account on your site.

You all known that prestashop as one of the biggest ecommerce platform is not ready for social login, your customers must register and login to your online store everytime they want to buy things form you (yeah, i know there is one page checkout option), but still i think not every online store have that feature on.

As stated in above article, that sosial login maybe the answer to your customer password fatigue. I know great prestashop social login module that can help your online store. What is the prestashop social login module features ? Heres the list.

  1. Home page popup
  2. Products page popup (possible to add different popups for each product, or the same for all)
  3. Category page popup (possible to add different popups for each category)
  4. Custom page popup with custom hook(add this popup in any page you want)
  5. 10 different content types (html, youtube, vimeo, google maps, facebook like box, Newsletter Subscription, Login form, Registration form, Login and Registration Forms, image)
  6. 5 different animation effects
  7. Possible to change popup width and height
  8. Possible to display popup every time page refreshed or you can put time how often to display it
  9. Display popup with delay
  10. Set start and end days for popups
  11. Set time for popup autoclose
  12. Facebook Connect (Add wherever you want)
  13. Twitter Connect (Add wherever you want)
  14. Google+ Connect (Add wherever you want)
What great about this prestashop social login module is that it also support pop up notification.

Here are more screen shot about how great is the module.

This social login module already supported :
  1. PrestaShop 1.6.0.x, PrestaShop 1.5.6, PrestaShop 1.5.5, PrestaShop 1.5.4, PrestaShop 1.5.3, PrestaShop 1.5.2, PrestaShop 1.5.1, PrestaShop 1.5.0, PrestaShop 1.5.x
  2. Compatible Browsers     IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome